Back to it...

So the last few months have been productive. Now free of the shackles of a kickstarter campaign, I’ve now managed to get back to designing, which has been awesome. The Colour of Light has really taken shape. It’s nearing a finished game, and I’m in the final phase of tweaking, which can actually take a while!

I’ve had a few more ideas for other games too. I’ve been getting into ‘Roll and Writes’ recently and one particular design has lent itself to that idea, so I’ve been following up on that. Again it’s taking shape, the layout of the sheets have been one of the major components of getting the game right.

There are a couple of more I’m keen to work on but time is always at a premium so it’s just a case of prioritising.

I’m off to a design retreat for NZ games designers in October so the plan is to get as many prototypes in a working state before then. Really looking forward to it.

And I’ll try to be a bit more regular with the updates going forward.