IDML! Version 13 - Constant tweaking

Mech World Map v13.1.jpg

I've been play testing IMDL! solo over the last couple of weeks. I also took it along to the design workshop last Sunday. Balance is the key at the moment. I've had to redesign the mech mods and the monster strengths. It's either been a 'cake walk' or horrendously difficult.

I'm getting there but a series of little adjustments.

I've also dropped in Eddie's awesome artwork onto the board. He's currently working on the main map at the moment which is going to look amazing.

As you can see I've now moved the scales onto the board. This has kept the card size down to a standard size (euro).

So it's look up. More tweaks, more playthroughs. The last 10% takes 90% of the time...