The Color of Light - version 8

It's been a while since I've updated the blog regarding the Color of Light. Having a long break over Christmas has afforded me lots of play-testing opportunities. 

The game has changed a bit since the last update, primarily with the removal of the cards. What I was finding is they were causing some wild swings in the game, especially towards the end. 

Streamlining has been the focus. Instead of players earning cards, now thy can immediately effect theirs and other players' areas, in the form of shields and druidic power. (see below)

It's also meant a redesign of all the incantation cards but it's been worth it. It now plays well.

I removed some powers as well which were confusing and slowed the game down, namely Reserve Ritual and Drain Circle. One phase removed means a quicker game with less downtime.

I've also introduced player hands to give more choice when selecting a new incantation. This has also worked well.

More play-testing is required but the game has come together a lot quicker than IMDL!

Player Boards v6.jpg