The Color of Light (was Dawn...) - First Playthroughs

I haven't managed to test one of my games on account due to having to wait for a job-lot of dice to show up from China (6 weeks!). Thankfully, Shem stepped up and let me borrow some of his library to test over the weekend.

The Color of Light, (was ..of Dawn) came together really well. Only managed to play it with 2 players, but it played well out of the gate. On to version 3 now but it's just tweaks rather than wholesale changes, which is encouraging. I'll post more details about the game once it's got a few more playtests under its belt. 

I've got some small Wellington conventions coming up over the next couple of weeks. I'll be taking along my efforts to test on the masses. Fingers crossed. Now, back to the guillotine...