A Dice by any other name...

So I've knocked up a couple of working prototypes to test...

The first one is a adapting the spinner idea. Now the physical spinner doesn't hit the grooves allowing it to spin freely. It does however, increase the overall size. This can be reduced by getting smaller spinners.


As you can see I've also added the Power/Speed dial to the 'Control Panel'.

Copying the great idea for Dice Forge, I've created storage plates for the upgrades, which it'll make it easier to find in game.

The second idea is using modified, static face dice and associating upgrade plates with the numbers.


This is probably more of an elegant solution but i'm concerned the constant referring back to the board with the resultant dice roll might slow combat down. 

I've added symbols to the dice so players can track them when they're involved in group fights.

Because I've moved the dials off player boards, I've chosen to combine them with the Mech templates. This way, players still only have 2 assets to manage.


What is also means is that each Mech can be different for each warrior which is awesome. 

So 'big' small changes. The game is the same but the mechanic needs to be tested. Some slight alterations to the Airstrike dice will also need to be made.

See you on the other side...