The Color of Light - Versions 3 & 4

It's great to have opportunities to test prototypes. I'm part of a very forgiving gameing group that gives my latest effort a go.


I've managed to make some changes after Thursday's playtest, and give it another on Sunday at a Board game convention in Wellington. (It's Your Move). Improvements were made and the feedback was good.


However, I think the 'tree' gimmick is going to have to go. Although I love the idea of reaching inside 'the tree stump' for the orbs, ultimately it was blocking the board. For some reason, I had this edict in my head that I couldn't have two bags in a game (the other is for the dice.) 

The good thing about play-testing with gamers is that they can then give you a long list of successful games with two or more bags, so I'm going to throw that rule out of the window and try it. Maybe a nice brown leather bag in the centre...